Database browser help

The database browser is a hefty tool to browse the EVE database in a quick and convenient way. It is intended for curious players and for third party developers.

Feel free to link to these pages from your own application, but please don't scrape the content.

Detail pages



Detailed page about a type.

Example: Damage Control II (/db/type/2048)



Detailed page about an attribute and a recap of types having non-default values.

Example: CPU usage (/db/attribute/50)



Detailed page about an effect, and a list of types that have the effect.

Example: armorHPBonusAdd (/db/effect/2837)

Listing pages



Browse the contents of a dogma group.



Browse a dogma category.

Market group


Browse the contents of a market group.

Compare types page



Compare types. Very similar to the "compare" in-game window, but with a twist.

Clicking on an attribute name will sort the table by this attribute value. Click again for descending order, then again to cancel sorting.

Clicking on a type name will compare other rows to it, and highlight the differences. Differences are color-coded depending if the value is better or worse, but this may be inaccurate. Please report inaccuracies so they can be fixed.


RPN attributes

If you want to compare values derived from attributes, like armor repaired per second, or shield transferred per capacitor unit, or damage per second, you can specify RPN expressions in the attributes list.

RPN comes from reverse polish notation, so read up on that if you are not familiar with it.

Here is the syntax of a RPN attribute:


Examples of RPN attributes you may want to use:

rpn:Armor HP repaired per millisecond   :84:a:73:a:div
rpn:Armor HP repaired per second        :84:a:73:a:div:1000:mul