DNA helpers

These are not really API calls per se, but they can be useful for linking to loadouts from another page.


View a loadout from a DNA string.

By default, the supplied DNA will be mangled into a smaller, slightly altered version to make up for bad formatting. If your DNA setup relies heavily on module ordering (like placing passive modules between active modules for overheating), you can pass the ?mangle=0 parameter to disable this behaviour.

Example: /loadout/dna/11381:438:2281:3074;4:5837:6160:9580:10190;2:26929:31788:23009;160::


Create a new loadout from a baseline DNA.

Example: /new/dna/11381:438:2281:3074;4:5837:6160:9580:10190;2:26929:31788:23009;160::