Loadout attributes




Get some computed attributes from a loadout.

You cannot specify more than 50 location specifiers or request more than 50 attributes in one single request.


Important: also read the common parameters list.

TypeNameTypeMandatory?Possible valuesDefault Description
URIattributesstringyesanyN/A A forward slash (/) separated list of location specifiers.
GETcapreloadboolno0, 11 Include reload time in capacitor stability calculations.
GETdpsreloadboolno0, 10 Include reload time in damage-per-second calculations.
GETtankreloadboolno0, 10 Include reload time in tank calculations.
GETdamageprofilearray of 4 doubleno[ ≥0, ≥0, ≥0, ≥0 ][ .25, .25, .25, .25 ] Override the default damage profile. If present, must be an array of 4 nonnegative numeric values (corresponding to EM/Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal proportions), with at least one nonzero value.

Location specifiers

Here is the syntax of a location specifier:


Here is a list of recognised names:

Osmium extensions

Osmium exposes some additional attributes, and some attributes have different values than what you would expect:


On success, a JSON object containing the requested attributes. The syntax should be self-explanatory from the examples. On libdogma errors, an attribute value of null will be set.