Common API parameters

Common to most API calls

TypeNameTypeMandatory?Possible valuesDefault Description
GETcallbackstringnoanynone If present, wrap the data in a JSON object and use the specified callback function (JSONP).

Common to API calls returning JSON

TypeNameTypeMandatory?Possible valuesDefault Description
GETminifyboolno0, 11 Minify the outputted JSON. You should only disable minification for debugging.

Common to API calls requiring a loadout

TypeNameTypeMandatory?Possible valuesDefault Description
URI or GETsource_fmtstringnouri, clf, gzclf, evexml, eft, dna, autodetectN/A Assume the input is in the specified format. When using uri, use a valid /loadout/ URI in input, absolute or relative.
GET or POSTinputstringyes/noN/AN/A The source loadout to use. POST is preffered (and has precedence), unless the input loadout is a very short string.
GET or POSTpasswordstringnoanyN/A If using a password-protected loadout, use this password.

Deprecated parameters

Note: these parameters are kept for compatibility reasons only. Don't use them in new projects. They may be removed in a future version.

Most of the parameters below are replaced by using source_fmt set to uri and using a loadout URI as input. For example, /loadout/private/1R2P3/12345/booster/squad is the same as setting:

TypeNameTypeMandatory?Possible valuesDefault Description
URI or GETsource_fmtintegeryesany positive integerN/A Loadout ID.
GETrevisionintegernoanylatest If using a loadout from its ID, use this specific revision.
GETprivatetokenintegernoanyN/A If using a private loadout from its ID, use this privatetoken (the number after /private/ in the URI).
GETfleetstringnofleet, wing, squadN/A If using a loadout from its ID, use its fleet/wing/squad booster instead.
GETpresetintegernoanyfirst Use this preset, when applicable.
GETchargepresetintegernoanyfirst Use this charge preset, when applicable.
GETdronepresetintegernoanyfirst Use this drone preset, when applicable.