Limited Memory Augmentation - Beta4,900,000.00 ISK

    This image processor implanted in the temporal lobe grants a bonus to a character's memory. The beta version of the limited implants are a more advanced prototype, originally developed by the Caldari corporation Zero-G Research Firm as a cost effective alternative to the basic non-limited implants.

    +2 Bonus to Memory

4massMass0 kg
4massMass0 kg
38capacityCapacity0 m3
38capacityCapacity0 m3
161volumeVolume1 m3
161volumeVolume1 m3
175charismaBonusCharisma Modifier0 points
176intelligenceBonusIntelligence Modifier0 points
177memoryBonusMemory Modifier2 points
178perceptionBonusPerception Modifier0 points
179willpowerBonusWillpower Modifier0 points
182requiredSkill1Primary Skill requiredCybernetics
331implantnessImplant Slot2 Slot
422techLevelTech LevelLevel 1
Tech I Limited Memory Augmentationmeta level 0
Tech I Limited Memory Augmentation - Betameta level 0
Tech I Memory Augmentation - Elitemeta level 0
Tech I Memory Augmentation - Advancedmeta level 0
Tech I Memory Augmentation - Standardmeta level 0
Tech I Memory Augmentation - Improvedmeta level 0
Tech I Memory Augmentation - Basicmeta level 0

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